Welcome to Solar Aviation Lighting.com – the futureproof, environmentally sustainable airfield light source

Carmanah Technologies provide a range of solar-based LED aviation lighting. Friars Marketing Limited are the exclusive distributors in the UK and Ireland. We also distribute worldwide to commercial airports and military airbases.

With today's emphasis on green and sustainable solutions, Carmanah solar aviation LED lighting offers ease of use and low maintenance with an extremely low carbon footprint.

As a stand-alone lighting option, Carmanah solar-powered airfield lights can be quickly and easily deployed without disruption to airfield operations and are ideal for challenging locations where the electrical infrastructure is incomplete or non-existent.

The combination of Carmanah LED products with innovative, renewable solar power management technology will also enable the deployment of many different airfield lighting systems using solar as either the primary or back-up power source. Some of these options will be fully FAA & ICAO compliant.